A Capitol Ideal


We took our daughter up to school last fall and when we did we knew we would be going past a few state Capitols. We decided to visit a few of them and got to see the Oregon Capitol in Salem and the California Capitol in Sacramento. We had seen the Capitol in Madison Wisconsin a few years back. So, now we are in the Capitol collecting hobby.

This week we made it to our own Capitol here in Phoenix Arizona. It’s four stories of art and history.

You’ll get to see artifacts from the USS Arizona. This war ship was named after our state just two years after we reached statehood in 1912. You all know about it since it was sunk at Pearl Harbor and is the final resting spot for many of our seaman that lost their lives on December 7th, 1941. You’ll see the service set from the ship. It was actually removed from the ship before the sinking  just in case America went to war.

The first floor also has displays about Arizona state symbols, Frank Lloyd Wrights vision for the state Capitol and about the Gratitude Train.  The second floor  has artwork, a display about the Harvey Girls and the Governor’s Office, a recreation. The third and fourth floors have even more great stuff, plus a recreation of what the house chamber looked like around 1910.

A bonus is to visit either the Senate or House buildings next door and see the current chambers and maybe even get to hear the politicos debate.

Visit the Capitol during the week from 9 am til 4 pm. It’s free to get in and to park your car.

If the weather is nice, you can visit the Wesley Bolin (former governor) sculpture plaza out in front.