A “No Payback”, “Free Money” Program for Home Owners is Causing Quite the Stir – Find Out How To Take Advantage of It.

The one thing that keeps home owners from putting their home on the market for sale is called, “the equity trap”. The owners are ready to move, they invite an agent into their home for an interview, repairs are discussed. When the net proceeds are figured out the home owner realizes that they’ll walk away with too little money to buy another home. Often times, it’s just a few thousand dollars.

The HOMES for VOLUNTEERS program can solve that issue for the home owner. Home owners can qualify for thousands of dollars toward their closing costs with this program. Free money. It does not have to be paid back ever. This program can be used in concert with the buyer program, if the consumer is doing a double transaction. Each home qualifies for a different amount, based o the home value, hours spent volunteering. An equal amount can go toward qualified buyers of the home. Click on this link to find out how much your home qualifies for – HOMES for VOLUNTEERS Program *

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