Arizona Moonsoon Weather

Dust Storm early evening July 21 2012

If you aren’t from Arizona, you probably will be surprised to learn that Arizona has a summer Monsoon season. We have storms with strong winds, sometimes rain, and sometimes just dust. It occurs around July and August.

This is a useful  link to the Tucson office of the National Weather Service’s forecast and information about the monsoon.  It shows that the average rainfall in the Phoenix area for July and August is about one inch each month.

Monsoon Information for Phoenix Area

The site provides this technical information regarding the start date – “The monsoon start date is determined when the average daily dew point is 55 degrees or greater for “3” consecutive days. The start date is the first of the “3” consecutive days.”. It also provides historical information about rain levels and monsoon safety tips.

If you are interested in the weather forecast for the Phoenix area, check this link – National Weather Service Phoenix Area Forecast

Last year we had a large dust storm or ha-boob hit the Phoenix area.    There were some particularly spectacular videos shot of this ha boob – You Tube Video of July 2011 Haboob.  ADOT has some good information about keeping safe during dust storms which can be particularly hazardous for drivers – Ha-boob Safety Tips.