Before You Hire a Contractor

The Arizona Department of Real Estate Buyer Advisory has a lot of good information for buyers and for home owners. When we need roof repairs a few years ago, I looked at the Buyer Advisory information regarding roofs. It provided a link to the Arizona Registrar of Contractors. This site provides information that is very help to read BEFORE you hire a contractor to do any work on your home. It includes a feature that allows you to check on a contractors license to see if there have been any complaints filed in the past and if they were resolved. Contractor License Search I was able to take the Yellow Pages, yes the old fashioned ones, and look up the roofers, their license number was frequently listed in the ads, and make a list of who I wanted to call for bids. I considered length of time in business as well as the complaint record. You can also do a search based upon the name of the company.

There is a lot of other useful information on the Buyer Advisory. You might want to take the time to read it even if you already own your home. It is only nine pages long and doesn’t take very long to read.