Chandler Mayor’s Fitness Challenge

I’m all for getting fit and Chandler is asking residents to get fit in September. They’re even having a big fun day on October 18th to celebrate. Join me in getting Chandler Fit.

Here’s the list of ways to get fit in Chandler(my activities are in bold):

1. Walk, bike or jog the Paseo Trail or Environmental Education Center Trails at Veterans Oasis Park
2. Walking the dogs on the neighborhood greenbelt or to a local Bark Park
3. Swim in your backyard, neighborhood or Chandler pool
4. Play Tennis at the Tumbleweed Tennis Center, another City court or (indoors!) at the PGA Tour Superstore *
5. Play Racquetball at the Tumbleweed Recreation Center or other area courts
6. Jump Rope for 20 minutes on the patio
7. Lift Weights/work out at the gym
8. Take a yoga class *
9. Dance, dance, dance the night away…or take a dance class through the City *
10. Play Frisbee, Frisbee Golf at Mesquite Groves park site or play catch with the kids
11. Start a Bike-to-Work day at your jobsite
12. Coordinate a beach volleyball tournament with friends or co-workers at a City park
13. Walk the course at Bear Creek or other Chandler golf Courses
14. Play softball at the Snedigar Sports Complex or other City fields *
15. Play basketball at a neighborhood Park *
16. Bowl a few games at one of Chandler bowling centers
17. Walk the Chandler Fashion Center Mall, or better yet, walk around the mall!
18. If it’s an option, take the stairs at work for the whole month
19. Walk around one of Chandler’s community parks (like Desert Breeze or Chuparosa Park)
20. Run the track at the Tumbleweed Recreation Center (10 lap minimum)
21. Ice Skate at Polar Ice (Ray & I10)
22. Roller skate/roller blade around the neighborhood (don’t forget the helmet!)
23. Hold a Bike-a-thon (using indoor stationary bikes) with friends
24. Fitness Bootcamp at Chuparosa Park *
25. Enjoy Chandler’s Adult Sports Programs or join a local sports team *
26. Use the open Gym/Weight Rooms at local Junior Highs *
27. Walk, bike or jog to the supermarket, department store or gym
28. Fall cleaning! Pull weeds, rake leaves or other yard work (this can be great exercise)…better yet, volunteer to help others through the City’s Neighborhood Resources office
29. Take a Martial Arts class *
30. Aerobics *

* These, and many more organized activities available through the City’s Community Services Department
**This list was taken directly from the Chandler Fitness webpage.

Please leave a comment if you plan on joining in. I, also, plan on running the 5k on the 18th. Maybe we can have a race within the race!