Date Pinwheel Cookies

Yesterday I made date pinwheel cookies. I had never made them before and they took some time as the dough had to be refrigerated at two different times. They turned out great. I decided to make them because The Baker’s Catalogue e-letter included the recipe. My grandmother used to send us a box of cookies every year at Christmas time and these cookies were always in the box. It is amazing how much a certain type of food can trigger memories of people and places.

The editor who submitted the recipe had similar memories about the cookies. She wrote … (just click on her note below to read her whole story and get the recipe)

“My own memories include the soft brown dough, the dates bubbling on the stove, the tricky process of rolling the filling inside the dough, and the magical way the refrigerator would make the sticky mass solid and sliceable. And the taste! …

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