Don’t Miss Your Opportunity to Buy a Home at Low Prices

It is no secret that average home prices in the Greater Phoenix area have been rising this year.    If you are some one who has been waiting to buy a home until the market hit bottom, you have missed it.    In this area, the bottom of market occurred in the summer of 2011.  However,  the opportunity exists to purchase now at relatively low prices before prices rise more.   The inventory of homes available for sale is low and has been since Spring.  This will continue to put upward pressure on prices.    Foreclosures and short sales make up a much smaller portion of  homes available for sale and inventory in these catagories has remained low for a while.  Traditional sales make up a much larger portion of recorded sales and homes available for sale. 

Interest rates are also at historically low levels.    This makes payments affordable for buyers.

If would like to view homes available for sale in the Greater Phoenix area, just visit our website and use one of the prebuilt searches or do your home custom home search for free.