Firebird International Raceway

There are folks in the east valley that have lived here for decades and don’t really know that we have a world class facility on the Gila River Indian Community. What is it? Why it’s the Firebird International Speedway. A dragstrip that holds national events, as well as, let’s your neighbor speed down the strip. The National time trials were held in January, as well as, the Tire Pros Monster Truck Nationals in April. But, the coolest night at Firebird might be the Friday night “Street Drags”. Here’s the explanation from Firebird,
“Want to race like the super-stars of drag racing? Firebird International Raceway’s Street Drag program is just the ticket. Speaking of tickets, why get one on the street when you can come out to the track and race legally, in a fun and much safer environment. Enjoy legal drag racing almost every weekend of the year. Be a part of the action and give it a try!
Who Can Run or be a Passenger? (Car must be 14.00 or slower to ride along)Any licensed driver 18 years of age or older, (OR) any licensed driver 16 to 18 years of age ACCOMPANIED BY A PARENT OR LEGAL GUARDIAN to sign a parental consent form (OR any licensed driver 16 years of age or older whose name appears on our current Parental Consent list.”

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