Fireplace Memories

Certain events can stir memories of different places in the home. For me, Christmas always brings up the image of the fireplace in the house where I grew up. It was brick that was painted white and it had a walnut mantel. We always rigged a string just under the mantel to hang our stockings on. That way we didn’t have to put nail holes or some other fastener into the mantel. We frequently set out the Christmas greeting cards we had received across the mantel. We always had a fire in the fireplace on Christmas Eve and on Christmas morning when we were opening our presents.
One of my favorite types of fireplace is the see through kind. We lived in a home for about a year and a half that had a fireplace in the wall between the family room and the living room. If there was a fire going, it could be enjoyed from either room. Pretty cool!
If you are wondering, yes many homes in Arizona do have fireplaces. It does get cold enough in the winter to have a fire in the evening. Also, many people chose to have outdoor fireplaces, either chimneias or fire pits.
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