Forks, Plates, or TP?

Today when we drove out of our neighborhood we saw a lawn covered with paper plates stuck upright in the lawn. This is a new one. When I was growing up in the midwest high schoolers TP’d a house by drapping the trees with toilet paper before a big game, or in my case before a big debate tournament. Every now and then we see a yard here that has been TP’d but it is rare. Some people do have trees in their front yard but many people do not. I don’t even want to think about trying to clean up a cactus that has been TP’d! A few months ago our front yard, which has desert landscaping, was forked. Usually plastic forks are stuck upright throughout the lawn. In our case they were just thrown on the lawn. Apparently this “forking” is not just an Arizona phenonmenon as I saw a news article from somewhere else about it. Amazingly enough someone has progressed to decorative paper plates. Somehow they were attached to posts and stuck into the grass lawn. I didn’t get close enough to see if they were birthday plates or for some other type of celebration. So, what is next??