Good Places to Buy Used Books

The Chandler Public Library is having a used book sale Sept. 19 through Sept. 21. The downtown location will have the biggest selection. On Sunday, all books left will be 5 for a $1. Proceeds go to library programs. I shopped at this sale at the Downtown branch at the beginning of the summer and got a whole box full of books for about $20. They have this sale several times a year.

Another great place to buy used books is Bookmans. I really like the Mesa store. It is huge and filled with all kinds of books, not just fiction, plus dvds, books on cd, music cds, and more. You can take in books, magazines, dvds, etc. that you are done with and trade them in for store credit or cash. If you trade for store credit, you get more than you would for cash. The way this works is that you leave your box of books for them to review, usually takes about 20 minutes, and they tell you which ones they want and how much they will give you for them. What to do with the leftovers – donate them to the public library for their book sale or a charity like Goodwill.

Another fun store is Changing Hands in Tempe. They sell used and new books plus greeting cards and some gift items. They have a great children’s book section.

I have also found that some of the Goodwill Stores have a fairly large selection of used books at good prices. They also have some 50% off sales.