Having Trouble Paying Your Mortgage?

If you are having trouble paying your mortgage, the first person you should talk with is your current lender.  See if you can negotiate some type of loan modification so that you can keep your house and have affordable payments.  Listed below are two numbers that you can call for free to discuss your situation and possible options for you.  Be very careful about agreeing to work with people who will charge you money to assist you with foreclosure rescue or prevention or loan modification.  There are qualified people providing this service but there are also scam artists.  The Arizona Attorney General has a document – Top Ten Consumer Scams that has a very good chapter on Foreclosure Rescue Scams.

Arizona Mortgage Trouble Assistance line:  877-448-1211

Homeowners Hope Hotline:  888-995-HOPE

Additionally, the Obama Administration has implemented a Making Home Affordable program.  This program will also provide assistance to homeowners who are having trouble making their payments.