Home Inspections?

Every once in awhile a client of ours will say they’ll pass on the home inspection. They do it to save the $250-$500 for the inspection. Often times, it’s because it’s a newly built home. Their reasoning – “the city inspects the property, don’t they?”.

Yes, they do. However, they have way too many homes to inspect for each inspector. The inspectors are overworked and they don’t take the time to do a great job like a good quality independent inspector will.

I mention this because I just read another real estate agents blog about a home built poorly and the inspection that saved her client from getting a lemon. The blog is from the self named, Housechick down in Tucson, AZ. Check it out and if you are buying real estate in southern Arizona, you might want to give her a call.

If you need an inspector anywhere in the US, I’d suggest asking your REALTOR or visiting the American Society of Home Inspectors. There you can search for an inspector on your own.

Of course, if you need an inspector here in the greater Phoenix area, call me – I can refer you to a few good ones.