Buyer’s Flock to “No Payback”, “Free Money” Program that Pays Some or All of your Closing Costs.

HOMES for VOLUNTEERS – Buyers Program.

It’s the worst of times for many people. They are being impacted by Covid-19 in serious ways. But, we all still need to keep a roof over our heads. In real estate it’s the best of times with incredible low interest rates. The same home that would have cost $100,000 less than 15 years ago can be bought with the same monthly payment today. Navigating staying safe, keeping your family healthy and at the same time buying a home is possible in today’s climate. We do quite a few things to sell homes and socially distance ourselves with the internet, video, safe practices during home showings and minimal contact during the escrow process. But, the biggest issue keeping many buyers from buying the next home is the down payment and closing costs required to do so.

That’s where the HOMES for VOLUNTEERS program comes into play. Home buyers are qualifying for thousands of dollars for closing costs with this program. Free money. You do not have to pay it back. If you don’t need the help with closing costs it can go toward lowering your interest rate to historically low rates. Lower than the quote you got yesterday. Each buyer qualifies for a different amount, based on the home value, hours spent volunteering and the home you pick out. Click on this link to find out how much you qualify for – HOMES for VOLUNTEERS Program. *


*Terms and conditions apply