Market Statistics – Number of Sales

Here are some additional statitics for you to consider. Today’s charts represent the number of sales each month from 2003 through 2007. These listings are those held by members of the Southeast Valley Association of REALTORS. They may include sales which these agents had in the greater Phoenix area outside of the Southeast Valley. However, they should be fairly representative of what is happening in the Southeast Valley.

The first chart is for single family detached homes. The second chart is for condominiums. 2003 represents a more normal real estate market. 2005 was an an abnormal market when the big boom in sales occurred that drove up prices dramitically. For this year, we would like to see an increase in sales volume over last year and at the same time a reduction in the total number of listings. We have seen signs that the volume of sales may be picking up; however, this may just be the normal increase in the new year following the holiday season. January 2008’s statistics will be available around mid-Febraury. We will post them when they become available.