More On Corona Air Quality Issue

We received the following information via email today.

To All:

In light of your interest in the Corona del Sol air quality issue I am providing you with the following information. Please feel free to use this information for the benefit of others interested in this issue. The District received information from the School Facilities Board that on Thursday, April 3rd, they will review the decision issued by the Administrative Law Judge in the Corona del Sol case. They were advised by the Attorney General’s us of the following format for that review: “Each party will have five minutes to present oral arguments to the Board. After this, the Board will vote to accept, modify, or reject the ALJ decision. Since the Board is simply reviewing the ALJ decision, they cannot consider any evidence that was not presented to the ALJ. Because of this restriction, no testimony (public or otherwise) can be taken by the Board.” As with all of the School Facilities Board meetings, a public comment period will be provided after the completion of Board business.

Thank you for your assistance,

Linda Littell, Ed.D. Director of Communications Tempe Union High School District
(480) 345-3716