Mortgage or Financial Assistance Help

We just received the following information from the Arizona Department of Real Estate and thought we should share it for those of you who need help or know someone who needs some assistance.

Mortgage Trouble? Toll-Free hotline 1-877-448-1211 available to provide you with referrals to Arizona organizations participating in the National Foreclosure Mitigation Counseling Program. There are over 20 organizations participating throughout Arizona.

Feeling the Economic Crunch? Find the Financial Help You Need. Governor Napolitano’s Family Economic Relief project provides a way to get information out to Arizonans who are facing hardship given the current economic environment. With record home foreclosures, restrictions in the credit market, and increasing gasoline and food costs, what many people need is a simple way to access information and resources for assistance in their own communities. The Governor’s Office has posted the Family Economic Relief project in an easy to navigate format through a feature link on