Moving Checklist

1.  Purchase Packing Supplies (boxes, tape, markers, packing materials).

2.  Make plans for children and pets during the move.

3.  If you rent a safe deposit box consider moving items to a new box at a bank closer to your new home.

4.  Contact utility, cable, and phone companies regarding stopping service at your old home and starting service at your new home.

5.  Pack a box or suit case of clothes and personal items for easy access during first days of your move.  Don’t forget prescription medications.

6.  Pick up any clothes left at dry cleaners.

7.  Return library books, videos, other borrowed items.

8.     Address & phone change notification sent to:

  • doctors, dentists, and other professionals
  • credit cards and other bills
  • family and friends
  • Post Office, including mail forwarding instructions
  • magazines & newspapers
  • Insurance Companies
  • Organizations in which you are a member
  • IRS (call 800-829-3676 ask for form 8822 or visit the web site,
  • Department of Motor Vehicles,
  • Voter Registration (can be done at DMV site)

9.  Order bank checks with new home address

 This inforamtion is meant to be a brief guide to make your move easier. It is not meant to be all inclusive nor is it meant to endorse any particular vendor.
You may want to investigate other sources of information to assist you in planning your move.

If you would like us to email you our 12 page Moving Tips brochure, please complete the form below. The brochure contains general information for planning your move as well information specific to East Valley cities: Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, and Tempe.

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