Open Houses? Yeah, we do that.

You’ve heard it from other real estate agents before. We don’t do open houses because no one comes to them. We don’t advertise your listing, because no one calls on the ad. We don’t take interior pictures, because then they don’t need to call us to see the inside.
In other words, we don’t do work, because it is hard.
Selling houses is sort of like eating at the company holiday party. One shrimp or one cookie or one meatball doesn’t hurt your diet much. But, at the end of the night you’ve consumed 3000 calories and your diet is shot.
Professional Realtors know that a good marketing plan is a bunch of solid programs added together that help to bring in more buyers and other Realtors than any one program could do on their own.
That is why, open houses can work. As long as they are advertised on the ‘net, promoted on the street (signs) and held often. We have a new open house blog that makes “Holding an Open House” good business sense. Visit Today’s Open House to see which homes are being marketed right.