Palm Trees in Arizona

ADE059I was at the gas station today and noticed the landscaper working on the palm trees.  This was not something I would have ever seen in the mid-west.  These were mature very tall palm trees.  He was climbing the tree in a manner similar to a technician climbing a telephone pole.  He had a belt around his waist hooked to a chain which was looped around the tree.  He was wearing shoes with spikes.  He was trimming off the rough criss-cross bark to create a smooth bark.  He would circle the tree with his knife and pull off a round of bark.  Then he would move up a bit and do it again.  I assume that when he got to the top, he would remove any dead fronds up there. 



j0445013There are a lot of palm trees grown in the Phoenix area.  There are a number of different varieties.  Desert Palms provides a lot of detailed information about the different types of palm trees that will grow in the Phoenix area.    Palm trees have developed an association with a resort or vacation destination.  So if you want to create a mini-resort in your back yard.  Plant a palm tree or two.  Put a hammock or lounge chair underneath and get yourself a drink with an umbrella in it.  Then relax and enjoy!