Pat’s Pond

A Pond in the making
A Pond in the making

It’s not finished and I’m not a professional landscaper. But, it’s kind of fun to work on. My second pond.

A pond is something any home owner can build. It takes a shovel. An imagination. Some rocks, some way to keep the water in and maybe a pump to create a water feature.

My first pond was in our garden. I used a hard liner, dug a hole in the raised garden and had a pump shooting water in the middle. I put rocks around the sides and it looked good. We bought some gold fish. The kind the pet stores sell for food. They became our pets and grew as time went by.

Until, it rained hard one day. The hard plastic liner wasn’t weighed down enough and the rain water pooled under the liner. Eventually lifting the liner and tipping it over. Our poor gold fish ended up on the grass.

Now, it’s time for pond #2. I’m using a soft plastic liner. I dug the hole in the ground next to a palm tree that we didn’t plant. It just grew there. I formed a rock wall on the back of the pond using ‘rainbow rock’. Next I will add more rock to cover up the black plastic and get some plants along the edge.  I added a pump that gets the water to the top of the rock wall and creates two water falls.

Now, if all goes well and I can keep the water in the pond, I might even get some more gold fish.