Personalized Radio

Have you heard of the Internet radio site Pandora? You create your own personal music stations by starting with an artist or song. It then plays music which is similar to that which you selected. You can mark songs while they are playing with a thumbs up or thumbs down. The program uses this information to better tune the station to your tastes. The more songs you mark the more the station will be personalized to your taste. You can save the station for the next time you visit. You can create different stations to suit the different genres of music that you like. While the song is playing you can also display information about the artist and the album the music is from. It is also suggests similar artists that you might like.
There is now information about sharing a station that you have created with a friend. I haven’t done that before but it could be fun.
What is really nice about this is that the music comes out of your computer speakers. You could even set up a station for listening at work without the need for a radio on your desk.