Pests around the desert

Occassionally, people moving to the desert will ask about scorpions, rattlesnakes and black widows. Yes, we have them but not in all homes. I’ve lived in Arizona for over 12 years now and I’ve never seen a live scorpion in a home, I have more problems with issues like mosquitoes, but I use the Franklin mosquito control services near me to fix this. I have only seen one rattlesnake in the wild and it was on a desert road. And, I’ve seen a black widow in a backyard about 8 years ago.

If you are buying real estate anywhere, you should be aware of pests for that area. It might be field mice or pigeons. It might be termites or cockroaches. Arizona Exterminating has a list of 28 pests to be aware of here in the valley. Let your REALTOR know if any of these pests are unacceptable. The ‘Seller’s Property Disclosure Statement’ (SPDS) asks the seller if there are any pests, but I never see pigeons listed and they are pests. So, relying on the SPDS is not a good plan. If you cannot live with scorpions, the question about their existance has to be made separately and directly.

If you need the correct verbage on an addendum asking about pests, email me and we can send it out to you.

And remember, wherever you call home, there are pests living with you.