Pets – When You Want to Sell Your Home?

Lots of people enjoy having pets; but, when it comes to selling your home, remember the buyer may not see your pet the same way you do. Here are some things to consider doing when you are selling your home and you have a pet:

  • Make sure the house does not smell like pets. You may want to ask a friend to walk into your home and see if he or she can smell the pet. You are probably so used to the smell if there is one, that you will not notice. If there is a smell, do everything you can to eliminate it. This may mean having carpets and upholstered furniture professionally cleaned, cleaning floors thoroughly, cleaning window treatments, and airing out the house by opening windows if possible. Also, if there is a liter box, make sure that it is cleaned daily while the house is being shown.
  • Avoid putting limitations on showing times for your house due to pets if at all possible. If an appointment has to be made to see your house so the dogs can be removed, potential buyers and real estate agents may pass it up if there are lots of other houses for sale in your area. I know of a seller who asked a family member to care for his dog at their house while his house was on the market so his home would not have this showing limitation.
  • If your back yard is one of the “features” of your home, try to avoid limiting access to it because you have put the dogs there. If the buyer can’t go out into the backyard he most likely won’t see it as a feature.
  • Remember that your dog may seem fairly friendly to you but may seem scary to a potential buyer or agent, especially if the dog is large.
  • Let your real estate agent know that you have a pet or pets. Discuss the best options dealing with your pets while your home is on the market before your home is put into the MLS. If there are special instructions for pets – ask your agent to put these into the MLS.
  • Consider your pet’s well being as well. Does your pet like strangers or is he or she afraid of them. How will he react when strange people come into your home?