Photo Day, it’s all part of the job

One way a REALTOR can save money (which means his/her services can cost the consumer less) is to take the photos himself. A professional photographer can cost hundreds of dollars. Now if you want professional photos, just ask your agent. Otherwise your agent will probably take the photos, do some editing and put them up on the Internet and multiple listing service.

Here’s two shots I took of a recent townhome listing.  The one above was taken in the street.  The tree in front casts some shadows. It was around noon when it was taken. Also, the windows to the left are not part of this townhome. The shot below is a bit closer. The bald spot in the grass stands out a bit more. Which one do you like better? I’m thinking I’d like the top one if I re-shot it in the morning with more lighting under the tree.

Here’s another couple photos of the living room. The top photo shows the saltillo tile nicely.  The bottom shot is taken from the landing of the stairs. It’s darker and I don’t like the stair rail in the shot. Which do you prefer?

Finally, this shot of the master walk in closet. What do you notice first? The leopard coat or all the clutter? I didn’t use this shot. A lot of agents would just throw it in the mix. I’ll keep it, just in case someone might want ask to see a photo of the closet. If I decided to use a closet shot, I think I’d re-shoot without the clothes, luggage, vacuum and other items. What would you do?

Again, a professional photographer would come in and stage the home. Bring lighting and take stunning pictures. At a much higher price. This cost would be passed on to the seller.   This is a nice townhome in Mesa.  It’s selling for $50,000. If you’d like to see all the photos and the mls listing for it, click here.