Photo Hunt 94: Old Fashioned

If you read a lot of blogs you might have come across photo hunts or picture of the day blogs. They’re pretty cool. You can see photos from all over the world from amateur and/or professional photographers. Here’s two you should check out. The first one is called: Each Friday she has a theme and people from all over the country will put pictures on their blogs. Today it is “Old Fashioned” and I have these three pictures:
This is the old church in the town of Guadalupe, Arizona. This is a small town next to Tempe. I think this is the prettiest church around. I hope you do too.
Just to the north is the Double Butte Cemetery. What most people don’t know is that there is a cemetery on the east side of the highway. Only flat markers are allowed and the entire plot is gravel. Very Arizona. Looks like most of the people died around 1978.

Finally, back in Guadalupe are two shrines on a hill. I took all three pictures with my camera phone, so sorry about the quality.
The second blog I like is a “Picture of the Day” blog from a Chandler, Arizona resident. If you want to see pictures from all around Arizona and in particular the South East Valley, this is a great blog.

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