Short Sale Advisory for Home Owners

If you own your own home, are having trouble paying your mortgage, and are considering a short sale, you should read the Short Sale Seller Advisory.  This was issued in January 2010 by the Arizona Department of Real Estate in conjunction with the Arizona Association of REALTORS® and has a lot of good information.  Here are some of the topics covered:

  • Understand a Lender’s Options upon Loan Default
  • Be Aware of Predatory “Rescue” Scans & Short Sale Fraud
  • Contact a free HUD-approved Housing Counselor or Contact Your Lender Directly
  • Utilize Free Services Available to Arizona Residents
  • Obtain Legal and Tax Advice
  • Be Aware of the Consequesces of Committing “Waste” (Damaging the Property)
  • Options Other Than Short Sale
  • Short Sale Considerations