South Mountain Park Hike

Hiking Mormon Trail at South Mountain Park

We went on a hike in South Mountain Park this weekend.  It was chilly but very nice.  There were lots of people out enjoying the park.  We hiked the Mormon Trail which was pretty much all up hill for the part that we hiked.  Every time we reach a turn or a peak I thought there would be at least a little level part but for the most part it just keep winding up hill.  I think if we had continued further we would have gotten to a point where we were hiking across the top of the mountain.  We entered the park at the 24th Street entrance.  We didn’t see any birds or insects but the views of the park and of Phoenix were nice.  I was amazed to see people running up and down the trail.  It is very rocky but I didn’t see anyone put their foot wrong or turn an ankle.  I think I’ll stick to a walking pace though.


Pat hiked a little higher than I did