SRP Daily Energy Usage

When I got our electrical bill from SRP this week I noticed that it had a note on it – “As a customer with a Smart Meter on your home, you can go online anytime to My Account and view your daily electricity use. Sign up at” So, today I went and signed up for an on-line account. Sure enough, I was able to click on “Smart Meter Daily Usage” and see our daily electrical use for the last month. It even breaks out off-peak usage and on-peak usage. I’m going to try to use this to see if we can reduce our electrical usage. It is a bit difficult to see if small changes at home will affect this because the outside temperature obviously has a big impact on electrical usage from day to day.

Not all SRP customers have a smart meter. For more information – Smart Meter.

You should also know that SRP has a discount in conjunction with ACE Hardware for 20% off new or rebuilt solar shade screens purchased between 7/1 and 9/30. For more information on this and other offers – SRP Offers.

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