Super Bowl Rentals?

Thinking about renting out your home for the Super Bowl, Fiesta Bowl, FBR Open or any game on a day to day basis? Make sure it’s the right thing to do.

Check your insurance company policy to make sure you’re covered.
Check to make sure the security deposit covers the victory party.
Check to make sure it doesn’t get rented out to another party.
Check to make sure your personal property is covered.
Are you moving out all your clothes, jewelry, personal documents or just locking one room up?

Oh, you have a rental unit. Too bad it’s already rented out. But, check to make sure your renters aren’t renting it out. I can just imagine an out of town investor with a renter in place for the next 10 months finding out that the property was rented out and the long term renter made more money than the investor.

Finally, make sure there aren’t going to be any illegal activities taking place in your rented home. You might come home from that free vacation to find out that your home is now owned by the Maricopa Sheriff’s Department.

Now, if you decide to rent your home out, read this KPHO article before you do. The suggestion I like best is to have daily maid service and think about doing it yourself, so that you can check the property out.

This just in. . .

We received word from the Arizona Department of Real Estate that they have a cease and desist order against Super Brokers XLII for practicing real estate in Arizona without the proper licenses. This company was attempting to rent properties for Super Bowl Week. Hopefully, no one will lose any money from their activities.

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