Termite Tubes

If you see these mud tubes in your home (often times in the garage) you may have termites. Time to call the bug guy. Of course, you may have recently been treated for the little pests, but didn’t clean up the tubes. If so, clean it up as soon as possible. However, if you find tubes and it has been a while since treatment, call the company who did the treatment if you are still under warranty. Treatments are usually warranted to last from one to five years. You will need to check your receipt to find out what type of warranty you have. Otherwise, call that company or another to come out and reinspect.

If you’re buying a home and the bug guy finds evidence of termites, smile. It is a good thing. You see, in Arizona pretty much all homes have had termites, have them now or will have them in the future. You’re 99% assured of getting a treatment at some time. Why not, get the treatment paid for by the current owner before you move in. That’s better than getting the treatment a year or two from now on your dime.

If you do have to have a termite treatment, we recommend that you get more than one bid. Not all companies charge the same price. Additionally, be sure to ask what the warranty will be on the treatment. Sometimes a company will offer more than one alternative for treatment, each with a different warranty, and a different price.