The California Advantage

Sorry we haven’t posted in the last few days. We took a much needed short family vacation to San Diego. One of the advantages to living in the Phoenix area is that it is only a six or seven hour drive to San Diego, Los Angles, or Las Vegas. How long it takes can depend on where in Phoenix you are starting from and how many stops you make. If you stop for a meal, you might need to add on to that time. There was not a lot of traffic on the highways despite it being around Memorial Day weekend. We think this was probably due to the gas prices. One fill up of the tank on our mini-van was $69! The gas prices are higher in CA.
While July and August are considered the prime beach months in CA, we enjoyed an afternoon at the beach while we were there. Went to the beach on Coronado which was very nice and clean. The kids even went in the water eventhough it was pretty cold. We also attended a Reds – Padres baseball game that went 18 innings. Yes, we stayed for the whole thing. It started at 1:00pm and ended around 7:00pm.