Town House Newsletters

Yes, I like to read newsletters from any townhome or condo community. I learn things that I would not know otherwise. When communities are having trouble with vandalism, stray shopping carts or property maintanance issues, it’s usually in the newsletter. But, more importantly when good things happen like new roofs or building painting get done, I know about it.

I also find contact information in newsletters that make it easier to reach the HOA or people of importance inside the community.

Here’s my request. Send me your community newsletter if you live in Maricopa County (arizona), live in either a town house, condo or any community with shared home walls. You’ll get a Dairy Queen gift card for the 1st one you send me and another DQ card every fifth original news letter.

I’ll comment on items of interest in this blog.


I just read the March newsletter. It’s easy to forget the cost of maintaining the common elements of a community. They just did a pebble tec resurface on the pool for $14,000. The management company also just finished repairing the sprinkler system. Fixing 46 sprinkler heads cost $621.00. Does your HOA set aside money for major projects like a pool resurface?

I, often have to explain to buyers in HOA communities, why a low monthly fee may not be a good thing. If the fee is too low, you might see more assessments over time. So, when buying read all the documents from the HOA carefully.