Tubac, Arizona

Part of the beauty of living here, is all the great places just a few hours away. Our family tends to go to the north during the summer to get to cooler areas and to head south during the winter months, since it won’t be too hot.
Several years back we went to Tubac. Just south of Tucson on the way to Mexico it’s about 20 miles from the border. It’s an arts community. Block after block of businesses owned by artists doing there thing. We saw sculptures, pots, paints, you name it. I really liked a lot of the wrought iron work. We have some wrought iron geckos gracing the wall near our pool.
It’s also the site of the Tubac Presidio, the first state park in Arizona. This is a spanish fort built back in the days when Arizona wasn’t Arizona yet.
And finally, if you are into hiking, birding, golfing or just enjoying the weather, Tubac is a great place to be.
Here’s a question for you. The Anza Trail head is behind the Presidio. It starts on the Mexican border, but where does it end?

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