West USA Realty Phone Numbers

One of the things I like best about West USA Realty is that we are one of the few agencies in Arizona that has a central switchboard for the entire Phoenix Metropolitain area. I recently needed to get ahold of an agent at another large firm and didn’t know his exact office location. It took me 3 calls. The first number was another office and wasn’t affiliated with his office. The second one, was and they were able to give me another number to call. On the third try, I reached his office. Of course, they don’t take messages, but they could give me his cell number. I had to then call his cell number.

With West USA’s switchboard, you can call an office 26 miles away from mine and they’ll either connect you to me or take a message and page me. One call. I think that makes things easier for Realtors and our clients.

Try it. Call any number below and ask to be connected to Pat Monahan.

West Usa Realty -Metro Office (20 miles away)
Office Number: (602)942-1410

West USA Realty – Ahwatukee Office (7 miles away)
Office Number: (480)893-0600

West Usa Realty-Mesa Office (my office)
Office Number: (480)820-3333

West Usa Realty-Scottsdale Office (18 miles away)
Office Number: (480)948-5554

West Usa Realty-Arrowhead Office( 26 miles away)
Office Number: (602)375-3300