What to do with those plastic grocery bags?

Most cities in the area won’t take plastic bags in their recycling programs. However, there are stores that will accept the bags. Check out the Partners at Bag Central Station for stores where you can bring your plastic bags to be recycled. Better yet, bringing your own bags to stores. I have been doing this for almost a year at least at the grocery store. I bought the smaller bags that IKEA sells for less than a dollar and find them great for groceries. Most of the grocery stores now sell reusable bags. Sure it is an adjustment, but if everyone did it the impact would be considerable. I’ve found the best thing to do is put the empty bags right back into the car once I’ve unloaded the groceries.

Another option is to use those bags in other ways. They make good liners for small trash cans. Some parks also have plastic bag dispensers for dog walkers to use to pick up their pet’s waste. Most of the bags in these dispensers are donated used plastic grocery and store bags.

For more information on the impact of plastic bags go to Bag Central Station.

Information on Bag Central’s free cloth bag events.

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