When Rain becomes Flooding

You don’t think about Arizona and flooding. Heck, our rivers don’t have water in them. Unless, it rains or snows in the mountains. Then, the water comes to the valley.

Just recently, we’ve heard of flooding in several parts of the Phoenix metro area and in Anthem, in particular. While most homeowners have insurance, very few have flood insurance. Do you?

To find out go to www.Floodsmart.gov and fill in your info in the red box. Go ahead and do it. I know it says, “How Can I Get Covered?” and it will give you insurance agent referrals, but it will also tell you your flood risk.

Mine is “moderate to low risk”. It gives me an estimated annual premium that ranges from $129 to $1717 and it gives me the names of multiple agents I can call.

So I wondered how high a risk the flood victim in the Arizona Republic article has. She has $60,000 worth of damage now. I looked up her address in the tax records and put it into the red box. She has the same risk as I do.

Maybe we all should have flood insurance.