Where Have All the Realtors Gone?

Oh, there’s still plenty of us around. But, not as many as a few years ago. I just read an interesting blog post from John Hall & Associates about how there are less and less Realtors renewing their memberships in Real Estate Associations and their ability to use the lockbox system.

Now, you can quit doing real estate activities like showing homes, listing homes or advising clients on a day to day basis and still keep your license current and many do. It’s easier to keep your license available to use and not real expensive. If you quit the associations and lose your license you’ll have to jump through hoops to become an agent again. But, why pay for your lockbox privileges when you don’t plan to use your key. You can renew your key much easier and quickly. Therefore, it’s probably a better indication of people leaving the day to day real estate world.

The blog I mentioned talked about 17.7% of the agents not renewing a vital tool for their business. That’s about 1 in 5 agents quitting the business. That’s one in five in Chandler real estate. That’s one in five in Tempe real estate. That’s one in five across all of Maricopa County. Kind of interesting.

Hopefully, it’s good for the buyer’s and seller’s looking for an experienced agent. What do you think?