Which lockbox is right for you?

You’ve listed your real property with a licensed real estate agent in Arizona. The agent places this lock box on your property. Is it the right one for you?

It’s a numerical code box that anyone with the number can access. It’s used for non-agents to gain access. Maybe a plumber or HVAC guy to do work. Maybe a cleaning crew to tidy the place up. It’s called a combo lock box or builders key safe. But, if the code is put into a MLS listing, it is like leaving the key in the keyhole for all the world to use. I don’t recommend one for an active listing on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). Although agents are not supposed to do this, on a rare occassion some agents will give the key safe code to their clients to view a vacant home on their own.
Maybe your agent is using these grey boxes. These are what we used before. It’s safer than the key boxes, but not all agents can access this type. An agent with a lock box key like the one in the picture can access it, but more and more agents are using an infra red key to open the lock box and they can’t get access with this lock box. I use my Treo phone with infra red to gain access and I can’t open the grey boxes. When we moved to the blue boxes, GE gave us a blue box for each grey box we turned in. I’m not sure why any agent kept a grey box.

Hopefully, this is the box your agent is using to secure your home. It goes on the door knob, the hose bib or any pipe. It’s accessed by a computerized key by a real estate professional that needs to be updated every night. It will send contact information on any agent that shows your home to your listing agent. It is the most secure way to give access to real estate agents, inspectors and appraisers. It’s the best way to get feedback from other agents too. I look on my phone for yesterdays showings and I can call each agent to find out if they liked it, hated it, showed it or just previewed it.
If your prospective agent isn’t going to use a blue lock box, then pick another agent.