Will the HOA allow that?

I came across a paragraph on an HOA website. It reads:

RV’s, Boats, etc. Many associations do not allow RV’s, boats, etc. to be parked where visible. This includes behind “RV gates”. Just because the house is listed with an RV gate does not mean that you can park an RV behind it. Make sure that you read your associations CC&R’s prior to purchasing.
This shows you the importance of reading the HOA documents. The title company can’t read it for you. The lender can’t read it for you. The real estate agent can’t read it for you. You, the buyer need to read it. I know it’s 30, 40, 50 or more pages long and can be quite boring. We can’t summarize it for you because, we don’t know which points in the HOA rules and regulations are important to you.

Don’t let this happen to you. Sam didn’t read the HOA rules & regulations. He moved in and parked his RV that was 2 feet higher than the fence and was told he couldn’t park his RV there. His neighbor has a pop up trailer and it can’t be seen from the street, even though it’s 10 feet from Sam’s RV and it can stay. Who’s to blame? Sam’s to blame for not reading the HOA documents himself. (Please note Sam is a fictitious character used for this example.)


Another thing you might read in the HOA documents when purchasing a home is that you cannot leave your garage door up. Yeah, some HOA’s won’t allow you to leave the door up, unless you are doing yard work in the front. or carrying out some Melbourne Balustrading for the railing by the porch. And where can you park your car? Not on the street, not on the driveway, but in the garage with the door closed.

And if your neighbors garage is this messy, you might appreciate the rule.

This is why it’s important to read all the documents at closing time.